Who is in the new diet coke commercial

Who is in the new Coke commercial?

As part of its ongoing Netflix collaboration, Coca-Cola has just dropped a full-length New Coke commercial featuring Stranger Things characters Steve and Dustin. The ad is done in true ’80s style, in keeping with the world built by show creators Matt and Ross Duffer.

Who is the girl in the new Diet Coke commercial?

star Tanya Reynolds

What kind of bird is in the new Coke commercial?

Try as he may, this puffin can’t open his Coke bottle. After attempting to use his wings and feet to pull off the cap, he is left unsuccessful and lets out a distressed squawk. Fortunately, his polar bear friends come to the rescue and suggest he use his beak instead.

What is the song in the new Coca Cola commercial?


Is Ellie from Gogglebox in the Diet Coke advert?

However, Coca-Cola have confirmed the woman from the advert is in fact from Leeds. The drinks giants have not revealed the identity of the narrator but Hollyoaks star Mandip Gill and Gogglebox sisters Ellie and Izzie Warner have all been suggested as possible voices in the advert.

What bird looks like a penguin but can fly?


Is a Puffin an auk?

Puffins are members of the Auk or Alcid family, along with other species.

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